The Only Female Orchestra in Ukraine

Queens Orchestra


QueensOrchestra is a sensational orchestral project comprising of seventeen women.Performing as a miniature version of a traditional orchestra, this formidablegroup of women are not lacking in spectacle, sound or repertoire.
Queens Orchestra is the only all-female,all-Ukrainian ensemble playing over twenty instruments with over one hundredworks in various styles banked in their repertoire. From Classical hits tomodernised classical variations to jazz, rock and original compositions, theyare capable of performing in any genre. Queens Orchestra is the only SymphonyOrchestra able to perform classical favourites in any style providing conceptshave been discussed in advance.  

Alexandra Korobka

Founder and conductor

“Queens Orchestra is not just an orchestra.It is a project with its own philosophy, originality and vision to workalongside composers to create truly unique experiences. As conductor I steerthat vision and experience to create something that is emotive, approachableand aesthetically pleasing”.
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Concerts, Festivals and Exhibitions

No Queens Orchestral show is the same andwe can cater for any live situation. You will experience original pieces,modern arrangements of well-known classical compositions and delighted withvisual spectacle including high quality staging, concepts and stage outfitsthat demand the listener’s attention. Welcome to Queens Orchestra immersivefairy-tale world full of wonder, emotion and storytelling.

Corporative shows

The Queens Orchestra consists of seventeenwomen and this makes us much more mobile than a traditional symphony orchestra.But we can work with any client to create a bespoke set up that works for whatis needed ahead of any event. We can work around limitations in space, soundand budgets and we can tailor our performance musically and visually to fit inwith any event.

Business seminars

Queens Orchestra is a women’s orchestrathat can turn your business workshop into a high-class workshop where music canhelp diffuse any atmosphere and help release tension by soothing andentertaining musical accompaniment.

Videoand audio content for movies and adverts

Queens Orchestra is the perfectaccompaniment for emotive and impactful video content. Work with us to create abespoke campaign where Queens Orchestra can help curate the perfect music toaccompany any ad or video as well as provide striking imagery.

Collaboration with performers and composers

Allow Queens Orchestra to become theperfect framing of your music or composition and collaborate with us. We areopen to working with both experiences and up and coming composers as well aswith collaborators and performers. Contact us for further information orsuggestions.


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